Enable verbose garbage collection on all servers in cluster using jacl

Today I needed to enable verbose garbage collections on all production servers to troubleshoot a potential memory leak.

As we have 30 application servers in our clusters and using the web interface would require multiple clicks and page load times, I created a little script to do this.

This can of course be altered to change other parameters, and ideally being put in a function so it can be called using the clustername and cellname as parameters.

# Enable Verbose Garbage collection for all servers in cluster
# Author: Wannes Rams
# Mail: wannes@ramsit.com
# Version: 1.0
# Date: 2015-08-11
# License: Apache 2.0

# set variables
set cellName SocialCell
set nodeName ConnectionsNode01

# get server config
set clusters [$AdminConfig list ServerCluster]
foreach cluster $clusters {
set memberlist [$AdminConfig showAttribute $cluster members]
set members [lindex $memberlist 0]
foreach member $members {
set serverName [$AdminConfig showAttribute $member memberName]
set server [$AdminConfig getid /Server:$serverName/]
#set server [$AdminConfig getid /Cell:$cellName/Node:$nodeName/Server:$serverName/]

puts "$server"
set jvm [$AdminConfig list JavaVirtualMachine $server]
$AdminConfig modify $jvm {{verboseModeGarbageCollection true}}

puts "GarbageCollection Enabled: [$AdminConfig showAttribute $jvm verboseModeGarbageCollection]"

$AdminConfig save


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