Why this blog?

As my first post I think I should explain why I want to start blogging, just to make sure the eventual readers can understand the motivation for this.

The idea of starting a private blog was in the back of my head for a couple of months now, but I was not able to put my finger on the reason for it.

After being part of the IBM Redbooks Social Business Residence in Raleigh NC it became a bit more clear to me.

I am definitely into social, I was before this residency, but it convinced me even more that it is the only way forward for modern business.

I already had some basic experience with blogging on our internal and external company blog and I liked it and will continue to do so. After this residency I will also start blogging on the IBM Social Business Insights blog but all of these blogs have a clear goal and blogging on them will force me to follow some guidelines on content and style. I have no problem with that but I realized that I also need a place to share content that is not acceptable for those blogs like technical and personal stuff.

So that will probably will be the kind of posts you will see in here. My personal view on things and some techie stuff I cannot post anywhere else. This might change in the future, I am just starting blogging, so my views on it might change.

I hope you enjoy the content on this blog and if you don’t…. well that ok for me as well.

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