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This is a little off-topic, but as I was talking to Martin Keen last week it turned out he is a great fan of Belgian beers and he asked me for my favorite ones. And I was listing them in a mail when I thought, maybe there are some more Belgian beer lovers in the audience, let’s put it in a blog post.

This is my list of favorites:

  • Duvel from brewery Moortgat
    This beer is one of the most famous ones in Belgium and also my all time favorite. I always have it at the house and it is best served very cold and if possible in a glass from the freezer. I tend to drink this when it is really hot and when I am outside in the garden. I also drink this one when I have some stomach issues due to heavy meals, it has a calming effect (depending on how many you have)
    Watch out this beer is pretty strong (8.5%), I usually have 2 or 3 max.
  • Keizer Karel blond from brewery Haacht
    This is also pretty strong (8.5%) but tastes lovely. There is a nice story to this beer (or at least the original dark one) over here

  • Ommegang from the same brewery is 8% and has some more citrus in it. Just make sure you don’t mix this up with the Ommegang from an american brewery. This is what it looks like.
  • Delirium Tremens from brewery Huyghe is a fantastic blond beer with a great name and even better look. It has pink elephants on it. It was named best beer in the world in 2008.
  • Straffe Hendrik from brewery Halve Maan in Bruges. a must visit to this mediaval brewery if you are in town is a must.
  • Bush Amber Tripel, Belgiums strongest beer (12%) drink with care and preferably when at home (so you can fall asleep where you are) from brewery Dubuisson
  • Tripel Karmeliet from Bosteels brewery is also one of my favorite beers, it has a wonderful glass
  • Kriek Boon from Boon brewery is a bit of a special one in this list. It is a fruit beer made of cherries. I normally don’t drink fruit beer, but this is not a regular one. It is made from cherries and lambic beer, a very sour beer. This creates a very special flavor that is lovely when it is hot and you are thirsty.

So that’s it for the moment. I can think of some more right now, but that will be for a next time, enjoy 🙂

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