IBM Sametime Turn Server playing tricks on me

I recently installed a full Sametime Standard environment for a customer for a small number of users.

I decided to go for a 2 server install and put all WebSphere based components on 1 machine.

I ended up with 5 ip adresses on 1 network card on that machine. In the end I got everything working and I started to test the Audio and Video components.

They all seemed to work fine except from outside the network. Looked like I never reached the server. Telnet internally worked, external did not.

I started to do some netstat and found that the Turn server was not listening on it’s assigned IP. It was listening on the primary ip of the server.

I did roughly follow the from zero to hero guide to install the environment, so I had created a service for the turn service. After a while I found that running the Turn server using the provided batch file did the trick.

It started listening on the correct IP straight away.

Conclusion: This way of working is not reliable. I am still waiting for feedback from IBM Support to get this issue resolved. I will update once I get a solution.

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