IBM Product Sites, 5 past 12 to get them redesigned

Today I was trying to find some basic info on IBM Connections 4 to include in a customer proposal.

I went to the IBM Connections product website and not for the first time I realized my mistake. Nothing to find there, and surely not a website you want to point your customers to. I have to agree that over the last couple of years a lot of improvements have been made to the product sites and I understand that all product sites across the portfolio must look similar, but the look and feel for this product range cannot compete against the competition websites.

We as IT people look at the actual technical or functional content, but we loose customers that base their decisions on flashy demo’s and websites. Are those customers taking smart decisions? Probably not, but we don’t want to loose their business. These customers look at the layout and how easy the information is presented to them.

Just take a look at the Features and benefits page for IBM Connections, it does contain good information for sure, but the way it is presented is outdated. Just take a look at the competition even if you don’t like the products or the information is not complete, you will have to admit that they do a great job in design.

IBM Connections - Features and Benefits

Just have a look at the Office 365 page. It looks great, and no I am no fan of the product at all.

Office Online Services - Hosted in the Cloud - Microsoft Office 365

What amazes me is that when you look at the design of Connections 4 or the upcoming Notes Social Edition, the design is amazing. The design teams are doing great things, so the people with the skills to create great product pages are available, get them to work on this IBM, please

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