IBM Connect 2013

IBM Connect 2013! What’s in a name? Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the name change. I was a bit afraid about the amount of technical session, but I think it was about the same as last year.

Writing this on the plane heading home, and glad to be heading home I must admit it was the best conference I went to ever. I have not  much to compare to as it was only the 3th one I attended, but from those 3, just the best.
The opening session was a blast, great opening, a relaxed and confident Allistair Rennie on stage and a  great pace to the follow up of speakersm demos and topics. Having a OGS like his created a very positive atmosphere and lifted the conference up to a higher level.
I attended even more sessions than last year and I am very tired, but also very happy. I learned a lot again and got an insigth in IBM strategy for the next couple of years on ICS. I met a lot of friends I only new online or did not meet for a while and had some great fun with them. I especially loved the fact that all the Social Media residency members from the last august residency were present, loved seeing them again, they are great people.
I will be posting some more details on the session I followed in the upcoming week so watch the blog.
But first I will spent some time with my family, because I really missed them and can’t wait to see them again

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