IBM’s strategy for the future of Lotus Quickr

At Lotusphere 2012 a lot of questions were raised about Lotus Quickr. Nobody got a clear response, almost no sessions on Lotus Quickr at the conference.

This year, at Connect 2013 the new conference name for Lotusphere not one single session could be found in the session preview tool. The future of Quickr??
Throughout the year we got a lot of questions from our customers about the future of the product, we could not give them a clear answer. even as an IBM premier business partner we were left out in the dark.
Although there was not a single session on Quickr the name of the product was mentioned in a couple of sessions and the future of the product became clear. Let me start of with a clear statement from IBM Product management. They have confirmed Quickr will be supported for a long time (read 6 to 7 years). IBM can’t tell you any actual years, but the official support website is here
But the product will, apart for bug fixes and a upcoming new release for the connectors no longer be in active development.
The first step is the upcoming release of IBM Connections Content Manager which will provide robust Content Management capabilities within Connections Communities, such as approval routing, integrated search and more granular ACL’s. It will also feature nested folders, document types and advanced metadata management. It is planned to support the existing Quickr Connectors for the Windows desktop just like they did on the previous integration with the FileNet repository to provide a seamless authoring process using Office desktop applications. To allow existing Quickr customers (Quickr Domino and Quickr for WebSphere Portal) a migration path to this new capability, IBM will release a migration tool for documents in Quickr Document Libraries to be migrated to IBM Connections Content Manager libraries including folder structures, metadata, old versions and ACL’s.
In the next step later this year there will be new connectors for Connections Content Manager as well as Portal based version (portlet) to offer the library capabilities within the WebSphere Portal. The ultimate goal of all this is to have one big social platform that integrates with everything. One to rule them all. On top of that this will offer the capability to integrate the upcoming IBM Docs product into this social document management and raise the bar for social document management to a new level that will blow away the competition for a while. More coming up on IBM Docs soon.
I have to say, I love the strategy and the direction they have chosen and the demos I have seen are  mind-blowing. I truly believe that any customer that chooses this direction now makes a very good choice. But I cannot agree on the silence on the Lotus Quickr product and the confusion on the future of it. This has caused a lot of customers to turn over to the competition and this could have been avoided.

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  1. Wannes, I didn’t mean to be “silent” on Quickr. At the conference, many times, we were very clear as to what we are doing. I talked about this in my session, Rene Schimmer covered it in his session, Jeff Schick covered it in his session and we talked about it again at the Ask The Product Manageres session. I also re-inforce what we said in my blog this morning:

    We are giving customers the option to upgrade but they don’t have to if they don’t want to. Quickr customers who wish to remain on Quickr are fine to do that. We’ll provide them currency updates as required. Is there anything else you would like to know?

    1. Luis, thx for your comment. The silence I am mentioning in my post is not about silence at Connect 2013. The message was very clear last week. My only concern is that the future of the product has been unclear for a while. I am very happy that the future is clear and I am happy with the direction IBM has taken on this. We are bringing this message to our customers already. But as said in my post, over the past year we had loads of questions on the future of Quickr and customers moving to the competition because of the uncertain upgrade path.

      I’ll repeat it again, I just love what is coming up and look forward to sell this to our customers and I am very happy with the Quickr license trade up with Connections Content Edition. This was intended as a positive article and I still believe it is. It is probably just in my nature to slip in a bit of criticism 😉

      I do recommend to anyone to read your latest blog post. Maybe I have one more question? What about real small companies using Lotus Quickr (100 – 200 users) Are you looking at a light version of Connections Content Manager (from a technical perspective)?

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