Why we sometimes lose to Sharepoint

Sometimes we lose a battle to our friends from Microsoft. Mostly we are competing against SharePoint. Why do we lose?

I truly believe that the IBM suite of products is better than Microsoft’s suite. It truly is, individual features and products are just better, no question about it. So how can we loose?

Because SharePoint offers a bit of everything into one integrated platform, you can do a bit of document sharing, some forms to make life easier and you can setup some websites really quickly. And this can be done relatively quick and without big investment. Will this satisfy customer needs in the long end? No probably not, you will need a lot of money to develop stuff to have SharePoint do what you want to do long term. And in the end it will cost you more money than the IBM suite. To get started with IBM software and wanting to have Document Management, some websites and some forms you currently need 3 products from IBM. They are not integrated as one product so some work needs to be done to get them looking as one platform. The initial hardware and services investment is just bigger. You will save long term, but many organizations don’t look that far. The ones that do, use IBM products.

So what can IBM do to improve this?

They are already on the right track today with IBM Connections, IBM Notes 9, IBM Docs and IBM Sametime (soon will) looking as one platform, but work still needs to be done. IBM Portal needs to follow very quickly form a ui perspective and we need a stripped down version to be competitive. Why not integrate a stripped down version of IBM Forms into IBM Connections to be able to create some easy to use forms?

I would like to win them all, and I need the tools for it.

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