Sametime chat history in shared mailbox when using Outlook add-ins for Sametime

We currently are facing an issue in an environment where we have Outlook for mail and Sametime for instant messaging and meetings.

We us the Sametime add-ins for Outlook and have the save location for chat history set to local disk by default.

When a user changes this to “Save to mail file” – “Outlook” we are seeing different results in the actual save location. For a number of users a Sametime Transcripts folder is created in their mailbox, but for others a folder is created in a Team mailbox they have editor rights to or a Sharepoint list.

This results in Sametime transcripts being visible for anyone having read access or higher to that mailbox.

Apparently Sametime looks for all writable storage¬†in the Outlook client and selects one. We don’t know the logic behind the choice yet.

We are working with IBM support to see if they can allow us to:

–¬†Select a default location

– Disable save to MS Outlook

– Group the option panes into 1 pane

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