The (Microsoft) pot calling the (Google) kettle black?

Is discrediting your major competitor the new way of marketing. Microsoft seems to think so.

They have the nerve to accuse their competitor of something they are accused of themselves (they deny everything, just as Google does)

I question this way of trying to beat the competition. I believe that companies must make a profit, but not at all cost. They have a duty towards our society and should be an example on how things should be done.

Profit can still be made when doing business ethically. Just take a look at the following website.

They don’t even hide the fact that this site is hosted by Microsoft (that’s about the only thing they do ok here). But just to be sure, I did a quick Whois

I strongly believe this way of doing business is questionable and non-ethical. (I also believe that allowing NSA access to customer data is non-ethical but that’s not the point of this post)

They should be ashamed of themselves and customers should take this way of working into account and migrate away from any company using this way of working.

As a bonus the Guardian released this article last week

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