Scripting Connections wsadmin commands in a clustered environment

Recently I was creating a script to deactivate and reactivate a specific user (base of the script thanks to Christoph Stoetner)

This script was running nicely on my Dev environment, but once I transferred it to my Pre-prod the script would prompt me with the following:


As I have Activities, and all other services running on multiple nodes it wants to know what server I want to connect to. I tried to fiddle around trying to respond in my script but that approach did not work. I opened a pmr with support and they knew the issue and have already created an enhancement request. They also have a workaround, but no technote, I have asked to keep the pmr open until the technote is published.

They gave me some example code to alter the script in your $WebSphereProfilesDirecotryDmgr01bin directory. This needs to be done for all scripts and you will have to redo this every time IBM decides to update these scripts with a CR.

For Activities replace the following block of code in


With the following:


This process can be reused for the following files where similar code can be found:

  • (block is in there multiple times for all subservices)

For some of the files, that block of code cannot be found and I ended up changing as follows:






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