My first IconUK

After spending the weekend in London with my wife under rather untypically English weather conditions(sunny) , I finally made it to my first IconUK ever. Tim ordered some London rain to make sure we felt right at home in the IBM Client center in London.
I spent my first day listening to a couple of sessions and meeting old friends. I met a couple of people from the UK that I knew digitally but never met in person which was great. I was very impressed with the quality of sessions and especially the organization. Hat’s off to Tim and his team for running a smooth, incident-poor event.

I had not been to the client center since the last Collaboration University so I was a bit surprised about how it looked. The new style they applied is great, the views on the river are still there.

The evening event that we were invited to, a dinner on an old World War 1 ship was a great choice. Excellent view on the London Eye and surroundings from the deck, good food and great company, can we wish for more?

The second day took off on a rough start due to hangovers and pouring rain, but we managed to get in and prepare my own session “Managing Ldap changes in Connections”. You can find the slides here

This was a very good event and I will try to make it again next year. I am already looking forward to the next event on the agenda, our very own Social Connections in Stuttgart. If you have not registered, please do so ASAP to make sure you have a spot.

I will not be able to make it to Zurich for SNUG myself, but register here if you are looking to go.

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