IBM Think 2018, my thoughts

Back from Vegas a couple of days now, adjusted to the time difference and Summer time (almost). Time to reflect on the week I spent at Think. Was it worth it? did I learn new cool things? Did I got reunited with friends I had not seen in a while? Did I meet new friends? But most importantly, did I get the vibe? You know, that sparkle that makes you smile again, the winding up of an old school alarm clock, enough turns to rock a full year, the one that gives you the energy to pull of big projects, take on new things…

The answer is YES, checking all the boxes above.

For me this was one of the best conferences I have ever been to. LotusSphere / Connect had always been the biggest conference I had been to, it was a great and amazing conference, very cosy and safe in our little ICS playground. But this thing in Vegas….. All of IBM in 1 conference, it rocked. Yes it was a little insane finding your way around, and I missed out on people I wanted to meet because I could not find them, but having the opportunity to be part of something this BIG, bloody awesome!!! Being able to reach across to the other side… Hear about Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Quantum encryption techniques, Security, … All domains new to me. And combine that with the content I currently work with. It was a perfect mix.

The conference started on Sunday with Champions / Community day. Great initiative and a very productive day. I spoke twice. Once with the lovely Maria Nordin on Why we should be using Watson Workspace (because it rocks). Our session covered how the Social Connections team is using Watson Workspace (and IBM Connections with Kudos Boards) to collaborate more efficient.

[slideshare id=91993707&doc=think-whyweshouldallbeusingwatsonworkspace-180326211451]


And once with the amazing Gabriella Davis on how to become a different kind of Champion. We spoke about how you can become an IBM Champion in another area of IBM. Both sessions were well attended and I enjoyed speaking with both ladies 🙂

Sunday night was Penumbra dinner time, i’m a freshman on the board this year, so I was a little nervous, but the evening was amazing, great job Tony Holder for fixing that place. Highlight of the evening was the Prism award handed to Uffe Sörensen by our Chairman, Sandra Bühler. Well deserved Uffe and long overdue. Keep on doing what you do, the ICS space needs you.

Monday was more or less filled with Exec meetings, so not many sessions, just one on the latest release of IBM QRadar.

Tuesday morning…. omg… chairman’s address by Ginni Rometty… Front row access thanks to Libby Ingrassia for all Champions… in a theatre with a central stage. Just amazing.

So many people and a great speech. The rest of the days were filled with a mix of New things to learn and ICS related sessions. I listened to a woman young enough to be my daughter, explaining Quantum Computing using inflatable Donuts… In a way so simple that even me understood like half of it 🙂

And then Domino, good old Domino, that brought a smile on my face… big time… Most people know me as an IBM Connections person, and that is what I mainly do today, but as most of us, I started of with Domino, my first big IT love. It was wonderful to see the announcements, the demo’s, the vibe HCL is adding on top of IBM’s commitment… It can only become a massive success.

I can’t wait to go to Think 2019, and I am happy it will be in San Francisco, i’m not a Las Vegas fan, It was my first time there, and for me, that city should just not exist… there is not reason for it to be there. It has nothing to offer to me. But I am glad many others like it, frees up some space in the cities I like.



One last rather personal note. Being able to participate in a conference like this, together with the woman you love, having shared interests, passions and friends, there is nothing better… thank you Maria for doing this with me…. I love you!

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