How to find a Wiki and all linked pages in the database

I was struggling to find back deleted / unlinked pages for a wiki for one of our users and wanted to visualise a wiki and all associated pages in the database. Thank you Julian Mosen for pointing me in the right direction on the database design. I used the following SQL Query to list the data I wanted

select *



WHERE WIKIS.LIBRARY.EXTERNAL_INSTANCE_ID = 'Wf8480c3f63f3_4cc0_806b_76256d97ebba'

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  1. Thanks for sharing the SQL query.
    Regarding the visualization of a wiki we developed a dashboard that visualizes the content of selected communities. The dashboard reveals the structure of “Social Documents” (e.g. wiki pages, blog posts …) with all their “social” components (e.g. child pages, likes, tags, comments, versions, …).
    We will publish the source code to this work on GitHub ( and OpenNTF shortly. If you are interested, have a look at our GitHub repos in the next few days and/or send a message to me on LinkedIn.
    Cheers Julian

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