Domino 10 Ready Partner!

Pleased to let the world know that Ramsit is a Domino 10 Ready Partner! For more information on Domino 10 and it’s future sign up for the Destination Domino newsletter here With the launch of Domino 10 only a week away check out the list of locations you can attend or perhaps join us via the livestream?

DB2 10.5 Install on Red Hat

We often complain about IBM documentation (and sometimes for good reasons) but there are moments that I am really grateful about the technotes from IBM. Lately the amount seems to increase and the new formatting corresponding to the new IBM website layout is great. I was installing DB2 10.5 on a Linux box and got …

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Duplicate users in IBM Connections 3 Homepage table

In IBM Connections 3.0.1 your network contacts are kept in the profiles database, but also in the homepage database. The reason for this is probably because you need them to show feeds for your network in the Homepage application and the applications are developed by different teams so the homepage team probably found it more convenient to …

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